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mixed olives £4.95 (VE)

bruschetta £4.95 (V)

trio topped with a green olive tapenade, garlic wildmushroom and a caponata

parmigiana £5.95 (V)

baked sliced aubergine, layered with cheese and tomato sauce

antipasti £10.00

a selection of italian meats and cheeses

vegan antipasti £10.00 (VE)

selection of marinated vegetables, mixed olives, butternut & chickpea houmous

breaded morzerella £4.95 (V)

breaded morzerella bites on a bed of salad with a red pepper mayonnaise

crab croquettes £7.95

crab croquettes served with rocket and a chilli crab mayonnaise

salt and pepper calamari £6.95

salt and pepper squid rings served with a lemon mayonnaise



cacciatori £13.95

rustic hunters stew with chicken breast, peppers, garlic & onions baked in a tomato and red wine sauce served with rosemary sauteed potatoes

fillet steak £21.95 / ribeye steak £18.95

choice of fillet or ribeye steak served with chips, dressed leaves & pizziola sauce

lemon sole £18.50

lemon sole fillet served with a garlic, chilli and lemon tenderstem broccoli, rosemary potatoes & salsa verde


meatballs and spaghetti £14.50

pork & beef meatballs in rich tomato sauce served on spaghetti with garlic bread

lasagne £14.50

classic lasagne - layers of beef ragu and bechamel sprinkled with cheese, served with a house salad and garlic bread

vegan macaroni cheese £14.50  (VE)

vegan macaroni cheese with garlic wild mushrooms and roasted butternut squash

amalfi £13.95

tagliettelle mixed in a fresh pesto with king prawns and tomatoes

carbonara £13.95

spaghetti, egg, smoked pancetta and parmezan cheese


milanese chicken salad £12.95

breaded chicken breast & smoked pancetta salad with creamy parmezan dressing

vegan salad  £11.95 (VE)

mixed salad leaves with roasted butternut squash, peppers and toasted walnuts


garlic bread £3.95  (V)

chips £2.95 (V)

house salad £2.00 (VE)

rosemary sauteed potatoes £2.95 (V)

chilli and garlic tenderstem broccoli £3.95 (V)



crème brulee £4.95

rich luxury custard base topped with a crunchy layer of caramelised sugar 

tiramisu £5.95

coffee-flavoured italian dessert of sponge, layered with a mixture of eggs, sugar and mascarpone cheese, flavoured with cocoa and decorated with fruit & coulis

mango panna cotta £5.95

italian sweet cream set with gelatine, topped with fruit & fruit coulis

ice cream with mixed fruit £4.50

vanilla ice cream served with fruit

…..& why not try a sweet tipple with dessert? ... just a little muscatel maybe, or a limoncello……. but then… there is always a delicious expresso martini cocktail for a smooth and cool finish to the evening…

Allergies: Some of our menu items do contain nuts. We cannot guarantee that there are not traces of nuts in other dishes because we do use them in the kitchen preparations. If you suffer from any food allergies, please tell a member of staff your dietary requirements. We cannot please everyone but we shall do our best! Our allergens and warnings notices explain everything more clearly if you need to consult before eating.


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