Ritz Fizz


Most definitely one for the terrace & that view, a mix of  Prosecco with a dash of Amaretto and blue Curacao on crushed ice


Pina Colada


“Beside the seaside beside the sea” classic of Pineapple juice, Malibu & crushed ice


Rexy’s Rocket


Smooth ladies favourite crush of Grand Marnier, Amaretto & Melon Midori with Orange juice


Sailor’s Comforter


A delicious Ventnor special of Dark Rum, Tia Maria, Whisky and Coca Cola mixed on crushed ice


Bloody Mary


She gets to everywhere, even The Rex, with her Vodka & Tomato juice on crushed ice with dashes of Tobasco & Worcester sauce




Here lies a story woven of Tia Maria, Vodka, Orange & Midori Melon on crushed ice


Harvey Wallbanger


Vodka snuck into a glass of fresh orange juice with a dash of Galliano for cover


Negroni Ali Baba


Classic of Gin, Martini Rosso & Campari from Ali Baba’s treasure chest, cooled over ice


Bond Girl


Strawberries “shaken, not stirred”, with ice with a high kick of Vodka & Dry Martini




Straight shot of Tequila, served traditionally with salt & a wedge of lime



A range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic Drinks are available from THE REX BAR, as well as Coffee



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Find us at:

The Rex Restaurant


23 Church Street
Isle of Wight

PO38 1SN


Open 7 days 10am - midnight

Coffee 10am-12.00pm

Lunch 12 - 3pm

Siesta/closed for prep! 4-6pm

Dinner 6 - 9.30pm (last orders)

FREE PARKING after 6pm

in The Grove Car Park!!!!


Recent comments

"Fresh produce, freshly served".

"Italian food & an Italianate view!"

"Delicious food, friendly people"

"Best headland view in Ventnor"

"Very relaxing, good place"

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