Spring/Summer menu

All good wine & bubbles drinkers most welcome!!!

Please be aware that some changes may have been made to the menu by the time you arrive for dining, especially at the moment following lockdown ! The new Autumn/Winter menu is coming soon.....



ciatola di olive £4.95 (VE)

a bowl of mixed olives to nibble with drinks


pane di foccacia con balsamico e olio d'oliva £4.95 (V)

toasted foccacia bread with balsamic and olive oil dip to accompany drinks


pane di foccacia all’aglio £4.95 (V)

toasted foccacia bread drizzled with garlic oil, with balsamic and olive oil dip


to start

calamari frito £6.95

calamari tempura served with a lime wedge and marie rose sauce


antipasti £10.00

our antipasti variety of the day; olives, cold meats, cheeses, pickles and bread


insalata melanzana e zucchina tostata £5.95 (VE)

marinated courgette and aubergine salad


crocchette di pollo e chorizo £6.95

chicken & chorizo croquettes with homemade chilli jam dipping sauce on salad


crocchette vegetariane £6.95 (V)

croquettes of mixed vegetables rolled and bread crumbed served with a homemade chilli jam dipping sauce and salad


gamberi all’aglio nel burro con pane £7.95

prawns in melted garlic butter, sprinkled with parsley, served with dipping bread




anatra in salsa all’arancia £19.95

  duck breast on a bed of seasonal vegetables and garlic & herb new potatoes accompanied by orange sauce and garnished with pickled radishes


petto di pollo arrosto con funghi porcini £13.95

pan roasted chicken breast in a wild mushroom sauce served with seasonal vegetables, garlic & herb new potatoes


bistecca di filetto £21.95

filet steak (cooked to your liking) with seasonal vegetables, garlic & herb new potatoes served with a peppercorn sauce


bistecca e calamari £25.95

elegant surf & turf of pan-fried filet steak & squid tossed in its juices, with homemade mushroom ketchup and a portion of frites


fish & seafood

salmone mediterraneo £15.95

salmon fillet roasted with lemon, parsley and dill served with garlic new potatoes and Mediterranean vegetables


zuppa di pesce £17.95

chowder of mixed seafood and potatoes in a creamy fish sauce served with bread


cozze asiatico £14.00

mussels in a lemongrass, chilli and lime infused coconut milk served with frites


filetto di branzino al limone ed erbe £18.95

sea bass fillet roasted with lemon, parsley and dill served with a side drizzle of caper butter sauce, garlic herb potatoes and Mediterranean vegetables



tagliatelle verde £12.00 (V)

mixed vegetables and tagliatelle in a tomato and herb sauce with chilli flakes


spaghetti vongole £13.50

venetian classic of spaghetti coated with garlic infused olive oil and clams


tagliatelle amalfi £13.50

a go-to tagliatelle favourite with garlic prawns tossed in olive oil and herb pesto


tagliatelle ai frutti di mare £17.95

tagliatelle tossed with prawns, mussels, clams and other fish smothered in a creamy tomato sauce (ask for added chilli flakes if you prefer)


spaghetti con polpette in salsa di pomodoro £13.95

homemade meatballs on spaghetti in rich tomato sauce



insalata di cesare con pollo £11.95

caesar salad with pan roasted chicken (contains homemade garlic & herb croutons)


insalata di gamberi £13.95

king prawns on salad with whisky tingled marie rose sauce, inspired by England!


Insalata melanzane e zucchini tostata (main) £11.95 (VE)

                               salad topped with marinated courgette and aubergine.



citola di insalata verde (green salad) £3.95

chitola di patata frita (bowl of frites) £3.95

pane di foccacia all’aglio (garlic foccacia bread) £3.95





crème brulee £4.95

rich luxury custard base topped with a crunchy layer of caramelised sugar


tiramisu £5.95

coffee-flavoured italian dessert of sponge, layered with a mixture of eggs, sugar and mascarpone cheese, flavoured with cocoa and decorated with fruit and coulis


panna cotta al mango e vaniglia £5.95

italian sweet cream set with gelatine, topped with fruit and fruit coulis


posset al limone £5.95

cream, sugar and citrus based cold set dessert similar to syllabub, served with caramelised biscuit and homemade fruit coulis


fonduta di cioccolato £5.95

chocolate fondue served with biscuits and fruit


gelato con frutta £4.50

vanilla ice cream served with fruit



…..and why not try a sweet tipple with your dessert tonight? A little muscatel maybe, or a limoncello…….

but then… there is always a delicious Expresso Martini cocktail for a smooth and cool finish to the evening…



Allergies: Some of our menu items do contain nuts. We cannot guarantee that there are not traces of nuts in other dishes because we do use them in the kitchen preparations. If you suffer from any food allergies, please tell a member of staff your dietary requirements. We cannot please everyone but we shall do our best! Our allergens and warnings notices explain everything more clearly if you need to consult before eating.


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