REX Valentines

2018 MENU - £25 per person (**)

All good wine & bubbles drinkers most welcome!!!




Insalata con Scampi all’ Aglio

Large Prawns tossed in garlic, served on salad with Balsamic & Cesar dressing


Insalata con Calamari all’ Aglio

Freshly prepared squid rings lightly battered, on salad with Balsamic & Cesar dressing


Caponata Siciliana (V)

This most famous dish from Sicily, is a vegetarian combination of aubergines, celery, capers, olives, tomatoes, garlic & tossed with the flavours of the Med, served with bread




Spaghetti al Nero di Seppia

Simply wonderful taste of the sea in another Sicilian speciality of spaghetti tossed in black squid ink sauce made to Chef’s own paternal recipe with tomatoes, garlic and a little squid & octopus for flavour


Steak Rex Rossini

(**) Supplement of £7.00

Rex Rossini – filet steak with fois gras, served with garlic butter & mushroom sauce, with French fries or pan-friend potatoes & a small salad


Gnocchi Salmone

Gnocchi of potato & semolina prepared with a creamy tomato sauce flavoured with garlic and parsley, mixed with smoked salmon


Gnocchi Arabiatta

Gnocchi of potato & semolina prepared with a freshly prepared tomato sauce flavoured with garlic, basil & parsley and ever so slightly spicy with chilli flakes




Homemade Tiramisu

Homemade Crème Brulee

Ice Cream



Notes: Some of our menu items may contain nuts. We cannot guarantee that there are not traces of nuts in other dishes because we do use them in the kitchen preparations. There is no flour in our homemade sauces.



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£25 per person (note: +£7.00 supplement if choosing Steak Rex Rossini)


Right reserved to made modest modifications to the menu if need be


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The Rex Restaurant


23 Church Street
Isle of Wight

PO38 1SN


Open 7 days 10am - midnight

Coffee 10am-12.00pm

Lunch 12 - 3pm

Siesta/closed for prep! 4-6pm

Dinner 6 - 9.30pm (last orders)



15 Feb to re-open on 1 March

FREE PARKING after 6pm

in The Grove Car Park!!!!


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"Fresh produce, freshly served".

"Italian food & an Italianate view!"

"Delicious food, friendly people"

"Best headland view in Ventnor"

"Very relaxing, good place"

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